Because it’s scientifically proven that no action comes from the split thinking mind, good astrology is true. Everything is already fixed; the script is written.
     I don’t only look for your personal features like every astrologist does, but also how your environment and beloved(s) see you and especially those points/positions which offer solutions for every area in your life in which you are troubled or would like to develop yourself (more, deeper).
     Knowing thyself can be tough, but mostly it’s a relieve: this is how my personality really is. The word ‘personality’ derives from the Greek word ‘persona’ which means ‘mask’. Most people have to know their identity first before being able to give it up in surrender. It is the mask what stops you to See What you really are.

What a chart can tell

In your birth chart I can take a look at: your self image, self-doubt, succes/failure, chaos in the mind, depression, sickness, body image, friends, strong/weak points, what makes you happiest (attitude, goal, profession, lover etc), your calling, hidden wounds, the perfect lover (‘the one’), romance, love, sexuality etc.
Your path to Home can be blocked by something you’re not aware of. I can look up that point for you as well as other points that help you to understand your structure in which the ego thinks.
A very interesting present to help you for a lifetime!

Prices and contact astrology

It takes like four hours to make a complete birth chart, so I charge 200 euros for it.
For specific points (e.g. career, love or spirituality) 80 euros.

You call or mail me and then transfer half of the amount to me. I’ll make your chart plus some detailled predictions (horoscope) in response to your own detailled chart and you’ll come by to discuss it – near Zwolle. Sometimes it’s possible to meet in another city. I have an extra gift: all my findings about you I write down to take home.