Eating according macrobiotics

Macro means large and bio means life. Macrobiotics is an ancient, intuitive way of seeing life, using common sense and the universal opposition of all things (yin/yang) to understand change, balance and unity in nature and in ourselves. When applied one can grow socially, mentally, physically and spiritually in peace, justice, clarity, health, freedom and happiness.
     Your body and your wellbeing are a result from food and you are sustained by it, so food is an important part of human life. The macrobiotic diet exists of full grains, beans, vegatables, seaweeds and some seeds, fruits, fish and shellfish. You eat what the country and the season bestows on you, as organically and freshly possible and cooked on wood or gas.

Individual macrobiotic cooking lessons

The cooking advices help with emotional issues like long term sadness, lack of self confidence and disorders, with small physical diseases, with severe illnesses, traumas and addictions.

Best diet ever, and delicious too!
There is no other diet that proves for millennia that everything can be cured, stopped, lessened, softened and/or avoided.

Every behaviour and feeling can be changed for the better.

Would you like to get rid of …

  • morning mood
  • allergies
  • impatience, irritation, (suppressed) anger
  • loneliness, depression
  • too much (naughty) or too little (good) food
  • mourning
  • jealousy, spite
  • annual cold
  • unbalanced lifestyle
  • overweight, underweight

Lessons could include …

  • veganistic tips
  • knowledge of homemade medicines
  • understanding of your eating habits
  • sugerfree and/or glutenfree recipes
  • practical cooking advices
  • help with a macrobiotic consult
  • recipes with tempeh, ume, mirin, shoyu, daikon, hiziki, pumpkin etc.

    (if prepared together, then including food)

My history

In 1992 I got cured from the ‘incurable’ diabetes (I) and in 2007 from a ‘fatal’ infection of the uterus. The food and the way of preparing it rescued me and put me in my self confidence, good mood and great vitality. I’m enthousiastic and light and love life unconditionally!
     In 2009 a child of mine recovered from lead poisoning from birth what showed up as cancer. Autism in my family softened.
     We never used ‘common’ medications like aspirin or treatments like chemo.

Prices and contact macrobiotics

On the phone I’ll tune with your specific question and circumstance. With one lesson you’ll be pretty much on your way – a lifetime gift! Even if you eat fast food regularly, you’ll profit from a lesson.
The lessons will be given in my lovely kitchen in a village near Zwolle.

A lesson of two hours costs 65 euros.
Two lessons are 120 euros (10 euros discount).
Three lessons are 170 euros (25 euros discount).