What is satsang?

‘Sat’ means Truth and ‘sang’ meeting. Satsang is (mostly seated) being together with the intention to shift your focus from the sensory world to That What you really are. You are the Truth, you are total Freedom, like everyone else. Truth is always present and perfect: It’s non-moving, motionless, unchanging and eternal Peace. Other words I use are Light, God, Silence, Love, true Happiness and nothing.

Satsang near Zwolle in a little group. Next Satsang datas available. Mail at: (Mind the 2 A’s!), 25 euro p.p.

Being used to be in Satsangs since 1994 in which there’s a lot of talking, I noticed to my own surprise that the biggest part in ‘my’ formal Satsangs (sometimes all of it) is in silence. I love that, because eventually talking anchors the ego sense that this world is real. But nothing is, exept the Love of God. I’m a true non-dualistic teacher, never willing to let you spiritualize whatever subject.
Born with Light and loaded with ‘paranormal’ gifts I can assist you to get a breakthrough, change or a more goal-oriented development if you’ve been attending many satsangs already and wondering why nothing or a little happens. Truth comes out, on every level.