If you like, you can book a private tarot session with Annamiek via Skype. (If you like to come, she lives near Zwolle).

One question: 25,- (max. 15 min.)
Two questions: 50,- (max. 45 min.)

Mind that one question (or two in case you pay 50,-) really means one question! So no more questions during the session. I WILL tell you what you want to know and need to hear.

Payment goes via my (euro) bankaccount or via Paypal – it will be installed soon. You do not need to have Paypal yourself to pay me. Paypal will ‘translate’ the 25 or 50 euro in the amount of the currency of your bankaccount.

If you want a healing with the tarot session, the price is 150 euro for a maximum of two hours.