As well

Originue – art

The selfconfidence, light, happiness and power I also share through my art. The embroidery stands for my playful, sensual, freed site and the cards show off all my good features. To make them your own, to enjoy or to spread!

My search

The first satsang I attended was in 1994 at Osho’s ashram in Pune, India, as Ramita (sannyasinname). In stead of staying in what I recognized immediately as my Self, I was looking for more. I didn’t think This could be It.
From 1996 till 2014 I frequently visited the satsangs of Isaac Shapiro who meant a lot to me. He as well Mira and Neelam repeatedly confirmed my cute questions “Is this That?” or “This is It? Am I It now?” But I couldn’t believe I deserved it – I was sure I had to earn that ‘non-position in life’ everybody in spiritual circles was so eager to get. Till 2012 I thought that Enlightenment means you have a perfect personality. But those two have nothing to do with eachother.
In 2007 I noticed all kinds of experiences happened but none touched me; the past became more and more like a story and in daily life nothing had special meaning anymore. Even though I read and heard about ‘how far’ I was, I didn’t believe in a ‘spiritual ladder’ and kept searching the Truth.
     In 2012 I participated in a retreat with Jac O’Keeffe. She always judiciously knows and lives that she is Nothing. There’s nobody there. In recognition I mirrored myself to her. She handed over great advice to release my traumas (and how to be a better healer). As long as you carry traumas and issues with you the personality (ego) will overtake you. You keep believing the ego and its thoughts.
     Jac guided the forty other participants towards What they Are; she told me for me that wasn’t necessary. But from my fearful heart and inferior convinctions I thought I wasn’t worthy to know and be What I Am… so I kept looking.
Till in 2014 the profound teacher Meike Schuett – Shapiro’s ex-wife – asked me seriously why I wasn’t giving satsang. When subsequently Jac told me enthousiastically in January of 2019 that “the teachers fase” had started for me, I finally embraced Enlightenment, stopped searching and started attracting people to me.

My history

I have a lot of light, I live lightly. I am light. I’m an uplifter. What makes me happy is to elevate people to (the) light and as light. My presence heals. The light is contagious.
In hindsight I suspect I was born ‘enlightened’. Without this distance towards the personality (Annamiek as a person) I would literally never have been able to survive the many dangerous events in my life.
For me there was never a real difference between the object, the one who sees the object (Annamiek, the observer) and the observing. The personality and body which are called Annamiek act vivacious and sparkling to all that life bestows, always within a knowing that this life is not true. Always knowing that what you observe with the senses can’t be the truth. 
At satsangs, dharma dialogues, The Work (Byron Katie), The Sedona Method and darshans I was immediately at Home. With the first steps in the rooms where beautiful teachers spoke I recognized It/Me. But I kept searching. My path was partly different than others: I live What I am, but the consiousness of that Knowing took a while.

A Course in Miracles, Zwolle

This world is an illusion. I am an illusion, so are you. In essence, everyone is light. Only light. This has been proven by scientists such as neuro biologists, quantum physics and physicists. Albert Einstein said: “The only thing I am interested in is God’s thoughts.” After being a student of ‘A Course in Miracles’ for three years now, I understand and support his words altogether.
‘A Course’ is a thick, Buddhist book (with christian terminology) on how to train the mind to come and stay with God. It has been passed through Jesus to Helen Schucman from 1968 in seven years time. There are many roads that lead to enlightenment and awakening, but the ‘Course’ is the fastest. The biggest tip is the forgiveness of everything and everyone so that you don’t give it any more reality. So that you will see and experience that everything is illusion. Instead, you are going to live in heaven – indescribable well. Love. Forgiveness as Jesus means, is done in a larger whole: you give it consciously to Love, to God, every time you forgive.

The ‘Course’ in itself I do not teach. I am not an example in the sense that I always think and do good, but that I always strive to act from the heart – my heart that is the same as yours and beats as one.

My believe

I love the word God, but be free to replace it with Truth, Silence, Light, Peace, Joy, Love, Freedom… I believe in Love and will continue till I’ll only see Love. Saying “I love God” for me is the same as “I love Love” and “I love that in you what is in me too” (Namaste).
I believe in Jesus and talk to him as the Higher Self (or Holy Ghost), but I don’t believe in the Bible or that there’s only one certain place on a certain day to be with God. The Higher Self to me is a bridge between ego and God, between hatred and love, between being mentally stuck and being free.
God is not a creature nor energy nor a saint with a beard Who judges and punishes. God is good, perfect, unchangeable and eternal. Everything that doesn’t have these qualities (therefore the whole universe) is not God. God did not create this world – He’d be mean or dumb then. He is not. He is Love. Not Love as in “I love you” because that can easily change in “I don’t love you”. But non-dualistic Love, all-encompassing Love.
We all want to return to God, to Home. In every being there’s a flame, a core, a part that just knows What we really are. We are part of God. Through this illusion and outside and beyond this world we are all light. We are already light and therefore enlightened. The difference between you and me is that I know it and live it. That fire, that Wholeness, can be recognized and expanded in satsang.

My birth chart

Within the Maya astrology I’m positioned at KIN140 – the axis of the earth or in other words the bridge between earth and h eaven: to Be like a Buddha and spread the light. I’m in this world but not of this world.
In the Chinese astrology I’m an Earth Monkey – a succesfull teacher/leader – and in the Nine Star Ki I’m Earth Five: the centre; a very powerful natural leader.
In western astrology one of the ten planets is Jupiter which in my birth chart is located in the ninth house: everything can be about astrology! Uranus is trine Moon: I’m an intuitive astrologer. Neptune in the first house: faultlessly intuitive. Black Moon Lillith in Gemini in the seventh house: exceptional good astrologer.
In my chart there are five positive planets (and Pars of Fortuna) in the ninth house in Virgo: pure service with regard to the higher thinking.     
When three planets in one house or sign you might reach Enlightenment in this lifetime. From four on you’ll go in the direction of Pure Liberation and might stay there. Buddha and Sri H.W.L. Poonja had five planets on one spot: the guarantee to Awaken Completely and even the very strong possibility to be ‘taken back’ by God, that is, to recur for a hundred procent to and as your True Identity.