Prices and contact healings

(The prices are in euros; PayPal will automatically convert your valuta into euros). I have experiences of Satsang and healing and tarot sessions etc. online/by phone enough by now to know that even if there’s a fysical distance between us, the services are excellent!

35,- for a maximum of 20 minutes for something temporary or urgent like a headache, too much stress or nerves to perform, pain relieve and/or quicker healing with broken bone or wound etc.
75,- for about 45 minutes of healing
120,- for about 90 minutes for just talking, no healing (but I do use my gifts like clearvoyance, clearhearing, clear knowing and exact knowing what somebody needs)
190,- for two hours healing including tarot or part of your horoscope.
50,- for sitting in silence (in private Satsang) for an hour opposite eachother plus a short evaluation . Powerful and healing.
If you want a second healing there’s always a pause of at least three months because the healings continue to work/deepen for a long time.

Contact: info@Annamiek.nu for lifelong gifts!

THE METAPHYSICAL CAUSE OF THE CORONA VIRUS: insincerity, being fake, faking, knowing that you go for the superficial stuff (instead of quiting or working on the problem) but still keep on doing it. Lying, manipulating and cheating as a constant or often applied behavior. Self-deceit. Watch the clip on YouTube: “metaphysical cause of Corona Virus Annamiek Tarot Enlightenment”

THE SPIRITUAL MEANING OF THE CORONA VIRUS is the same as with any disease: a call to ‘go Inside’, to see that the ‘crazy’ outside world can’t be real, isn’t real. To discover your own true nature: Love, Peace, part of God. This chance for transformation SPECIFICALLY RELATED TO THE CORONAVIRUS is about your intercourse with others: how genuine, how real, how sincere and authentic are you with your lover, partner, collegue, family, neighbours, world, humanity, care for the earth, sustainability?

THE FYSICAL CAUSE OF THE CORONA VIRUS is generally not taking good care of yourself, specifically knowing what’s not good for you but still continuing. Not eating fresh food*, eating food regularly with a long label on the packaging*, not cooking with care, without variety, (too much) dairy, smoking. Especially a combination of these.

Through Skype I can help you with all three causes – a healing or theoretical cooking lesson which both last a lifetime.

*You’re eating fake food or eat it in a insincere way.


Despite the Enlightenment and thus the Knowledge that the sensory world is an illusion, I’m interested in cleaning/clearing the personality, because it will keep obstructing the obtaining of a constant and complete state of Awakening. There are people who go to their first satsang and ‘get It’ immediately, but for most it’s a process of on and off. Insights in the functioning of the ego is painful, fun, interesting and necessary to be able to live in pure Freedom. All your dark misery will have to be made visible so it can be brought to the light and released.

Course of healing

People change during workshops, trainings, retreats, healings and ‘spiritual’ excercises (meditation, affirmations). Eventually those changes will disappear or they are superficial. I don’t do changes, I do transformations. The profound and radical shifts will stay and expand. 
New Age is not my thing; ‘paranormal gifts’, magic etc used on itself without a larger frame are like bandages and temporary. More so, they anchor and strengthen the ego. Nothing mundane can be spiritualized.
Within my ever open heart I take away old energy, convictions, patterns and/or destructive habits and structures so light and happiness can return, and especially the Knowledge that you are  Love. I’m assisted and led by the Higher Self, angels, beings, enlightened masters like Jesus etc. I don’t use any  guides like descended persons who/that aren’t enlightened because their information is not always clear.
I care about the meticulous awareness of being spirit – from there I use the word spirituality. To get (others) there I sometimes use my gifts or tools like a natal horoscope. Never as a means on itself, but always in service of refinding your Home. 
Your level and area of interest are the starting points of my healings/talks; the efficiency and effectiveness depend on this customization. By example I inspire. Never would I teach what I don’t know and live myself. My personal and professional endeavor are clear, pure, distinctive, sharp, in service and reigning from the heart. 
Most healers take away acute pain, but not the cause; therefore the pain can return or manifest as a different kind of pain. My healings take away the cause(s) of the pain: the metaphysical reason. Mostly what happens, is that my attention goes to an event in your early childhood or around your birth. Your present behaviour, pain, anxiety, preferences, feelings etc come from conditioning. Conditioning is how you experienced the people, words, emotions, deeds and situations in your youth and how you have adopted them (which can also be express in the exact opposite). If the core of the problem is gone it will have far-reaching positive effects in any field.
I guarantee you more happiness.
By birth I am a healer – the dozen gifts in me have become magnificently powerful. Like so many others, me too learned several healing methods like Reiki (1, 2), Vortex Healing and twelve years daily Light Body. But I believe in the potence and potential of what people were born with because then they will most likely work from the heart. Natural gifts transform, they work faster, deeper, more thorough and goal oriented.
I love the humanness of people – all is allowed to be, all is accepted.
I stand grounded and vivacious on earth and I know my place and function in Heaven. My happiness lies in seeing people expand, as well on the personal as on the ‘spiritual highest’ level.  

In advance we talk on the phone; I listen with my clearhearing. With my gift of knowing exactly what somebody needs I distillate the essence of your wish. That I use as a point of focus in the intuitive search for counsel and the removal of destructive memories, pain and fear so you can live your full potential.
In satsangs I approach the issues of my guests the same way, then always focused on coming Home.


Medium and psychic

From birth on I observe what normally is out of sensory reach. I pick up thoughts, feelings, memories and/or visualisations of (departed) persons, even things. Whatever you like to know…

Prices M&P

One euro a minute with a minimum of 30 euros.
If you like a healing with it, it’s 125 euros.

Houses & bodies – entities

Sometimes negative thoughts and feelings are so regularly and heavily anchored in our system they become a conglomerate of manifested misery. Such a cluster of destructive thoughts can come from someone else – who hates/curses you or is obsessed by you. Sometimes it’s as if the accumulation of thoughts produced a physically tangible creature.
     If you have it in your house or body, I can 1. take it out for you, 2. take care it never happens again, 3. fill the arisen emptiness with good light energy and 4. take away so much of your emotions/past that you won’t attrack them anymore.
(You don’t necessarily have to come to me, but make sure a hired ghostbuster does all four).

As long as you are stopped by something over which you don’t have control, you can never choose the good things in life, have growth within your personality or relationship, your awakening and/of your world. Let alone that you can act on your decisions.
     If you suspect a depression or an entity, you can call me without obligation. I’ll check what’s going on.

Feng Shui

With the cleansing of a house sometimes advices from feng shui pop up – a part of the macrobiotic way of living. If you’re open to it, I love sharing them.

Prices H&B entities

To clean a house energetically costs between 80 and 200 euros, depending on the amount of emotions and/or entities/ghosts and the size of the house. I’ll tell you the exact price on the phone.



The term ‘soulpainting’ is misguiding, because these days everyone has their own definition of the word ‘soul’. That’s why I prefer the term ‘core-portrait’. I paint your essence in trance. Looking at it (meditative) helps you in hard times, in illness, when tired, in mourning, longing etc. It calms you in such a way insights on all levels can come to you – and will. It’s like sitting in front of your own designated teacher, your own customized image of the Higher Self. It will eventually lead you away from the ego thoughtsystem and into the divine.
     The image can look like an animal or person or have an abstract shape. It can be painted on metal, wood, paper or cloth. It all depends on the message the Higher Self wants to show you for the rest of your life so you can reach your highest potential on every level and in every area of your life. Staring meditatively ‘into’ the painting tells you or brings you the fastest way for you to Enlightenment, Awakening, God.

Prices and contact soulpaintings

Between 75 and 225 euros. 225 is the max. The price depends on the size, materials, necessities, time. When we have contact, I will be able to tell you what the price will be.